The ART && CODE events are a project of the CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, directed by Golan Levin. The event has been made possible by a generous grant from Microsoft Research, with oversight by the Center for Computational Thinking at Carnegie Mellon University. We express our gratitude to Microsoft Research and the CMU Center for Computational Thinking for their sponsorship, and to the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry for their administrative support. We are grateful for additional internal support from the CMU School of Computer Science, the various schools of the CMU College of Fine Arts, and the CMU ETC. We also thank Stamen, MakerBot Industries, and HackPittsburgh for special in-kind support, and all of the great presenters and workshop leaders who gave their time to make the event a success.

Enabling Sponsors:
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Additional Sponsors, Partners and Supporting Organizations:
StamenMakerBot IndustriesHackPittsburghITT Dublin
CMU School of ArtCMU School of Computer Science •
CMU School of DesignCMU Entertainment Technology Center
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Conference Production Credits
Conference Organizer: Golan Levin (STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and School of Art, CMU)
Business Manager and Logistics: Linda Hager (STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU)
Additional Communications and Logistics: Marge Myers (STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU)
Marketing and Event Coordination: Drue Miller
Patrick Gage Kelley
Video Documentation:
Jonathan Minard / DeepSpeed Media, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Benjamin Welmond, Spencer Diaz
Student Assistants and Volunteers:
Adelaide Agyemang, Alan Herman, Alex Mallard, Alex Rothera, Andrew Bueno, Asa Foster, Carl Bajandas, Caroline Record, Chris Williams, Claire Gustavson, David Wolf, Deren Guler, Evan Shimizu, Jonathan Armistead, Keith LaFuente, Marynel Vazquez, Max Hawkins, Max Perim, Meg Richards, Patrick Gage Kelly, Sarah Keeling, Timothy Michelangelo Sherman

Software Support: Meg Richards, Dan Wilcox, Riley Harmon, David Sanz Kirbis

Big Thanks and Big Ups: Adafruit, Arnold Blinn, Eric Brockmeyer, Arturo Castro, Dr. Barry Feeney, Jessika GeBauer, Lauren Goshinski, Jeremie Kletzkine, Robert Kollar, Johnny Chung Lee, Peter Lee, Hector Martin, Tom McMail, Eric Paulos, Ben Peoples (Birdbrain Labs), Meg Richards, Robert Skavronski, Stewart Tansley, David Whitcomb, Jeannette Wing.