Speed Presentations!

Friday October 21, Giant Eagle Auditorium (Baker Hall) @ 7:30p - late

Got 3D? Show off your goofy, your serious, your indescribable Kinect hacks and other 3D efforts in this high-energy evening of ART && CODE participant speed-presentations!

Starting at 7:30 on Friday night, and running every 8 minutes ’til late, nearly 40 ART && CODE participants will present short video presentations of their your own projects! Visionary infonaut and global teledildonics authority, Kyle Machulis, will emcee! The presented projects all center around the theme of DIY 3D sensing and visualization — many, using the inexpensive Microsoft Kinect sensor, PrimeSense libraries, and other commercial and open-source programming tools.

Snackables and late-night pizza will be provided. There will be a variety of exotic audience appreciation awards. Whooping it up is highly encouraged!

Featuring short presentations by:

  • Asa Foster & Caitlin Rose Boyle (@foster_three, @rattusRose)
  • Barry Threw (@barrythrew)
  • Brad Tober (@btober)
  • Caitlin Morris (@c_tl_n)
  • Chris Sugrue (@chrissugrue)
  • Christopher Coleman
  • Dan Wilcox (@danomatika)
  • David Stolarsky (@davidstolarsky)
  • Debaleena Chattopadhyay (@antarlena)
  • Eric Mika (@kitschpatrol)
  • Eunsu Kang (@kangeunsu)
  • Ferhat Sen (@ferhatsen)
  • Francisco Zamorano (@FranciscoZam)
  • Friedrich Kirschner
  • James George (@obviousjim)
  • Kyle Machulis (@qDot)
  • Lining Yao
  • Marco Pinter
  • Matt Parker (@madparker)
  • Meg Richards (@merichar)
  • Molmol Natura
  • Nick Hardeman (@NickHardeman)
  • Nova Jiang
  • Phoenix Perry (@phoenixperry)
  • Rachel Binx (@rachelbinx)
  • Reha Discioglu (@reasound)
  • Rui Pereira (@rux_twitts_here)
  • Sean Kean
  • Seb Lee-Delisle (@seb_ly)
  • Sha Hwang (@shashashasha)
  • Shawn Lawson
  • Shawn Sims (@shawn_sims_)
  • Silvia Ruzanka (@SilviaRuzanka)
  • Timothy Michelangelo Sherman
  • Toby Schachman (@mandy3284)
  • … And more!

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