Unconference Sessions 1 & 2

Saturday October 22, TBA (CFA upstairs) @ 2:00p - 4:15p

What’s an Unconference? Wikipedia defines it as “a participant-driven meeting.” We call it “your chance to program the schedule.” You’ll get to propose topics that you care about, and then attend the sessions that seem most interesting. Check out Kaliya Hamlin’s article “How to prepare to attend an unconference” for more information on how Unconferences work — and be prepared to show, ask, and discuss!

On Saturday afternoon we’ll have two blocks of Unconference sessions (from 2-3pm and 3:15-4:15pm). Various ART && CODE attendees have already proposed a few topics — and you’ll get to suggest the rest! So far, our Unconference topics include:

  • Kinect: Implications for Game Design (introduced by Heather Kelley)
  • Kinect + Makerbot: DIY 3D Printing! (introduced by Matt Mets)
  • The Kinect and Special Effects (introduced by Greg Borenstein)
  • Kinect + Beagleboard: Using the Kinect with Standalone Microprocessors (introduced by Goksel Dedeoglu / Texas Instruments)
  • Kinect + Unity3D: Making Interactive 3D Worlds with a Modded Game Engine (introduced by Phoenix Perry, and Amir Hirsch / Zigfu.com)
  • What’s on your mind?

Topics will be selected by popular vote, and rooms will be determined based on crowd size for each topic.

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