An Update from PrimeSense

Friday October 21, Giant Eagle Auditorium (Baker Hall) @ 7:00p - 7:30p

Presented by Micha Galor, Director of Applications and User Experience at PrimeSense, this half-hour talk will show some of the latest results from the PrimeSense R&D labs, and discuss the future of technologies like OpenNI and NITE.

Wave hello, point to an object, or call someone over with a flick of the wrist. These subtle movements are our most natural forms of communication. So intuitive almost anyone, anywhere — even some pets — will understand. They just need to see it. What if that same form of natural communication could control your digital devices? PrimeSense has worked to make this possible, in an initiative they call Natural Interaction. It is the ability to interact with the digital world without the need for props such as remote controls or joysticks. In short, natural interaction removes the ‘middle man’ and opens up direct communication with the digital world right in one’s own living room. Natural interaction isn’t limited to hands, moreover; PrimeSense technologies permit interactions through hand gestures, body motion tracking, and coordination of speech with gesture.

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