Elliot Woods

Elliot Woods (@elliotwoods) completed his Masters in Physics at the University of Manchester and has since been working on new media installations and developing technologies and products. He has worked on and exhibited interactive arts in Seoul, Yokohama, Sao Paulo, Manchester, London, Berlin, Milan and Arhus (Denmark). His key interest is simplifying technology to create elegant, sustainable solutions. Through this, Elliot aims to develop a future with less information and materials that are used more thoroughly and thoughtfully. Elliot and his partner Mimi Son co-direct Kimchi And Chips, a cross-disciplinary art and design studio based in Manchester and Seoul, where they create design and artworks that focus on storytelling and the sharing of memories through installations and products.

Elliot is an expert in the inter-calibration of cameras and projectors — a crucial problem in creating effective augmented realities and augmented projections. He is known for his recent project, Lit Tree, a structured light projection system in which the leaves of a tree are used as the voxels in a 3D display, and a Kinect is used to input 3D shapes into the voxels.