Joshua Blake

Joshua Blake (@joshblake) is an integrator (developer-UX designer hybrid) with extensive experience developing Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for Kinect, Microsoft Surface, and Windows 7 touch. He is a Microsoft Surface MVP and is deeply involved in the Microsoft Surface and NUI communities. He maintains several open source NUI projects and founded the OpenKinect community. Joshua has a blog “Deconstructing the NUI” and is currently writing a Manning book Natural User Interfaces in .NET. Joshua is the Technical Director of the InfoStrat Advanced Technology Group in Washington, DC and specializes in using NUI technologies for enterprise collaboration and education.

Joshua is an authority on the Microsoft libraries for natural user interface (NUI) development, including the Microsoft Kinect SDK. He was selected by community vote to speak at both the MIX10 and MIX11 conferences, and regularly speaks about various NUI topics at local and regional conferences. He has used the Kinect sensor to control Powerpoint and conduct music, among many other projects.