Joshua Goldberg

Joshua Goldberg (@wugmump) is an artist and programmer based in New York, with more than a decade of experience in using and teaching Max/MSP for interactive media arts.

Emerging from an undergraduate indoctrination in theatre direction, Joshua switched gears at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program to multimedia sampling and live video performance. He is continually working against the impulse of coherent narrative, to improvisationally create dynamic, abstract collages of the flotsam and jetsam of the media sphere. His work 13 Hours of The Discovery Channel, a prime example of this aesthetic, has been shown in galleries and public access television stations in Manhattan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, and was a Rhizome Net-Art “Pick of the Day”. Live visualists across the world use his application Dervish, a mixer and distorter of both live video and Quicktime files, to shred narrative and manipulate feedback transformations. He has used Max/MSP for nontraditional visualist work since 2000, and serves as a Harvestworks Jitter tutor. He regularly performs live video in club and party venues across the city and nation.