Sofy Yuditskaya

Sofy Yuditskaya (@horusVacui) is a non-disciplinary researcher and practitioner, examining the nature of objects and human action in relationship to their fragmented digital representations. Her practice coils together a variety of performance types, including musical performance with her own transmission based instruments, the uttered word, interactive dance, techno-futuristic occult rituals, and a variety of site specific social experiments. In addition to making art Sofy is a facilitator of the chaos, and art machines as Projects Director at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn. On good days she adds a line to the PD starter-kit repo.

At ART && CODE, Sofy will introduce the use of the Kinect in the free patcher-based arts engineering environment, Pure Data. Sofy recently conducted a similar workshop in “Breakneck Prototyping with Microsoft Kinect and Pure Data” at the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco.