3A: 3D Scanning with Structured Light Projectors

Sunday October 23, CFA 303 @ 8:30a - 10:30a

Structured Light” 3D scanning techniques begin with video imagery of special image patterns (like stripes and checkers) projected onto a subject. When observed by a camera and processed by software, these flickery patterns permit the creation of extremely high-resolution 3D models. With less noise and higher spatial resolution than Kinect scans, structured light is (under certain circumstances) an important low-budget alternative to depth cameras like the Kinect.

In this 3-hour workshop, Kyle McDonald explains and demonstrates the basics of creating 3D scans with structured light. Open-source tools for structured light 3D scanning, such as Kyle’s DIY 3D Scanner, will be presented, discussed and distributed. The relative merits of low-budget 3D scanning techniques will be productively compared.

Recommended levels: Any; Intermediate through Advanced.
Recommended hardware/software: 

Bring a laptop with some form of webcam, and

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