4A: Calibrating Projectors and Cameras: Practical Tools

Sunday October 23, STUDIO for Creative Inquiry (CFA) @ 10:45a - 12:45p

Camera calibration” is the process of deriving the numeric parameters of a camera (such as focal length, principal point, and lens distortion) that produced a given photograph or video. Calibrating devices together is essential for augmented reality (AR) and other activities (like augmented projection) in which light must be accurately projected onto geometries observed by cameras.

This 2-hour workshop, led by Elliot Woods with additional contributions from Kyle McDonald, will present the mathematics of calibration in simple terms, and provide a number of practical open-source tools for calibrating projectors and depth cameras like the Microsoft Kinect.

Recommended levels: Intermediate & Advanced. Comfort with algebra and trigonometry is helpful.
Recommended hardware/software: None Required.

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