5B: Kinect-Based MoCap for Flash and AfterEffects

Sunday October 23, STUDIO for Creative Inquiry (CFA) @ 2:15p - 4:15p

Animators — create your own 3D motion capture studio in your living room! This introductory 2-hour workshop by animator Nick Fox-Gieg will get you started using the Kinect for inexpensive, DIY, full-body motion capture. With little or no programming, you’ll be able to acquire OpenNI “skeleton” data and use it to rig characters and other movements in Adobe Flash and/or AfterEffects.

Recommended levels: Introductory & Intermediate.
Recommended hardware/software: Please bring a Mac laptop running OSX Snow Leopard; Flash or After Effects CS4 and later. A limited number of Kinect sensors will be available to borrow, but please bring your own if possible.

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