Festival-as-Laboratory Presentations

Saturday October 22, Kresge Theatre (CFA) @ 7:00p - 8:00p

ART && CODE is conceived as a new form of cultural event, a “festival as laboratory”. In this scheme — inspired by such models as the OF Lab and FutureEverything — conferences and festivals serve not only as venues for sharing the ‘finished’ and the ‘refereed’, but also as incubators for the ‘experimental’, the ‘half-baked’, the ‘unknown’, and the ‘WTF’. Indeed. In the week immediately prior to ART && CODE, we invited a dozen l33t hackers, artists and researchers — many of them, the expert ART && CODE workshop leaders — to huddle in a coding marathon at our STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and make stuff. We provided water, sunlight, and coffee; they’ve bashed together some new cultural forms. Come see what they came up with! A series of world premieres from a unique “Kinect Hackathon”!

Participant/Presenters include:

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