Rick Companje

Rick Companje (@companje) loves Art, Science and Technology. With a background in Computer Science, Interaction Design and Media Technology at Leiden University he currently works as media artist, developer and Inventor. In 2005 he invented Globe4D, an interactive physical globe with Time as extra dimension. Rick also developed an interactive timeline for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and worked at a stereoscopic videocamera for the European Space Agency (ESA).

In 2007 Rick was one of the nerds in the KRO TV program “Het Lab”. Since a few years Rick is a member of artist collective “De Spullenmannen where he works on inventions‐nobody‐is‐asking‐for. Within this context he is cofounder of the open‐knowledge community OpenToko.org and FabLab Amersfoort. Furthermore he is a teacher at the HKU and gives programming workshops about Processing, OpenFrameworks and Arduino. Rick’s work has been exhibited worldwide in museums, conferences and during festivals like NEMO Science Center, ACM Siggraph, Wired Nexfest, Laval Virtual, TodaysArt, Cinekid and ScienceLinx.